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Student Services and Guidance Department


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Academic Support

Special Educational Technicians

Literacy Program

Homework  Program

Guidance Counselling

Transition to High School Support


Overall description of the Department objectives

The role of Student Services is to work  with the school team to ensure that the potential of each learner is maximized and that our school fosters  a learning environment that is responsive to every students’ needs. The Student Sevices Department oversees the Academic Support Program (ASP), Literacy Program, and Homework Program, and is staffed by the Student Services Supervisor, as well as two special education technicians. The goals of the Department are to:

  • Identify students that might be struggling socially or academically
  • Develop interventions to help support students in the classroom
  • Act as the liaison between student/teacher/school/home
  • Evaluate and adapt materials and resources to support students with learning and behavioral needs
  • Support transition of students from elementary to high school
  • Teach students to advocate for themselves

Contact:  Sari Olishansky

Interim Student Services Supervisor


Academic Support Program (ASP)

The Academic Support Program is dedicated to meeting the needs of students from Secondary I - V who have a diagnosed learning disability. Participants in the program follow the same curriculum as all other Bialik students, thus permitting them the same opportunities as their peers.  The program features additional support periods in place of Hebrew, that reinforce concepts taught in the classroom.  In order to participate in the ASP Program, students must have a psycho-educational assessment. Based on the results, students may be entitled to receive accommodations - reader, computer, quiet room, and extra time  for class tests and during the  formal exam periods (December and June.)

  • Participants in the Academic Support Program follow an  adapted program while at Bialik.This program fully supports the students ability to graduate from high school with a high school leaving certificate.


  • An adapted program consists of:
    • Remedial support –in small groups
    • Accommodations as outlined in the assessment (readers, quiet room, extra time) for in class and formal examinations
    • Differentiated material when needed
    • In class support (note taking, scaffold learning)
    • Tanach class – taught in English

Contact: Sari Olishansky

Interim Student Services Supervisor


Special Educational Technicians

Students have access to Special Education Technicians who can provide a variety of supports:

Develop, manage and reinforce organizational skills

  • Lockers
  • Agendas
  • Binders
  • Study Skills

Provide support inside and outside the classroom

Inside classroom

  • Supporting in class learning by guiding questions, note taking and one on one support during independent learning

Outside classroom

  • Cycle check ins
  • Reviewing of material (tutorials)
  • Implement note taking skills
  • Develop study skills

Teacher/parent support

  • Tracking Sheet (Academic or Behavioural ) as needed

Contact: Kelly Samsonovitch for Secondary I & II

Ellen Madoff for Secondary III, IV & V


Literacy Program

Bialik offers a Literacy Program as part of the Student Services Department. In collaboration with BJEC (Bronfman Jewish Education Center), all Secondary I and II students are assessed with a universal screening tool called Aimsweb. Students are assessed three times a year in a number of areas, including reading comprehension and reading fluency.

The goal of the program is to identify those students who require additional support or remediation. Once students have been identified, they will become participants in a reading program to help support their learning needs.

Contact:Sari Olishansky

Interim Student Services Supervisor


Homework  Program

Our Homework & Learning Centre provides a supervised and structured environment that offers a quiet place to do their work.  We provide academic coaches (some of whom are university level Bialik graduates) to help students with planning and organizational skills. We also offer subject specialists (often Bachelor of Education students specializing in that subject area) to offer guidance in subjects such as Math, Science, English, French, History and Geography. The program runs 2-3 days a week after school hours.

Contact : Nancy Sculnik, Vice-Principal


Guidance Department

The Bialik Guidance Counselor offers counseling and support to both students and parents at all grade levels. Students’ needs are individually met and covers a wide range of issues such as but not limited to friendship concerns, anxiety, family issues, etc.  Personal counseling is offered to individual students or in a group setting.

The  Guidance Counselor also works very closely with the senior students   to help them determine  their path for CEGEP, while addressing their academic and emotional concerns over this transition.

The Guidance Counselor is also responsible for the development and expansion of programs that focus  on student needs such as risk taking behaviors, bullying, stress and peer pressure.

Contact: Erin Nemes

Tel: (514) 481-2736 ext. 227


Transition to High School: Mentorship Program and the Transitions Teacher

The Bialik Mentorship program aims to connect responsible Secondary IV and V students with families new to the Bialik High School environment. Various activities are developed to support the positive transition of incoming students to the life of a high school student. Students receive guidance for all of their academic and social needs, from peer tutoring and exam preparations to the Welcome Back BBQ, bowling and other social events. This pairing of younger and older students helps to bridge the gap, and provides our younger students the benefit of the mentors’ knowledge and is  a meaningful experience for all involved.

Contact: Nancy Sculnik, Vice Principal