• Spring Annual Giving Campaign
    The Annual Giving Campaign seeks donations for both JPPS-Bialik’s operations and its endowments. Donations directed to our schools’ operations serve to directly enhance existing programs and facilities for students beyond that provided through the operating budget funded by tuition and government grants. Donations directed to JPPS-Bialik Endowments help build endowed funds including bursaries and awards. Under the management of an Investment Committee, a portion of the interest is disbursed for special projects and student financial aid. This ensures that JPPS-Bialik remains inclusive and accessible to as diverse a student population as possible, as it has in the past, in spite of rising costs. We are committed to a pluralistic vision of Jewish continuity.
  • JPPS Open House, Wednesday, October 28, 2015.
  • The JPPS-Bialik store can be found at www.csbe.net/school/jppsbialik

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