Avi Satov

Avi Satov has been a part of the Bialik High School family since 2002, where he taught Jewish History, Moral Education, Jewish Studies, as well as coached Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball and Football.

In 2009, Avi was appointed as the Dean of Students, in 2011, as the Assistant Principal, and in 2012, as the Senior Vice-Principal. With over  21 years of experience working within the Montreal Jewish community, including Director of Camp B’nai Brith of Montreal, and Director of Pripstein’s Camp Mishmar, Avi brings youthful energy, enthusiasm and a love for children to his role.

Over the years, he has also been involved with other causes, including Habitat for Humanity, March of the Living, ORT, the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation and Agence Ometz and has sat on the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre’s Board of Directors.

In 2013, Avi was appointed as the Interim Head of Judaic Studies for Bialik High School. In this important role, he developed and implemented the School's new vision for the Judaic Studies program. He brings a wealth of experience and an intimate knowledge of the school community, not to mention the respect of all who know him. His Bachelor of Education degree from McGill University in the prestigious Jewish Teacher-Training Program provides him with a profound understanding of the intricacies of the subject. In 2010, Avi received the Brenda & Samuel Gewurz Award for Excellence in Jewish Education.

In addition to his new responsibilities, Avi was appointed to be the new Principal of Bialik High School in 2015. In 2017, he was appointed as Co-Head of School at JPPS-Bialik.


Andrew Trager

Andrew Trager has been a staff member of the JPPS-Bialik school system since 1995. He has taught all grade levels from secondary I - V and has taught English and Mathematics at the elementary level for eight years.

In 2003, he joined the Bialik High School staff as a Social Studies teacher. His area of teaching expertise is the subject area of History & Citizenship Education.

Andrew Trager has been a staff member of the JPPS-Bialik school system since 1995. He has taught all grade levels from secondary 1 In 2005, Andrew was appointed Vice - Principal of the Senior High School and in 2009 he was appointed interim Principal of Bialik High School.

In 2010, Andrew decided to return to the classroom to pursue his true love of teaching history.

Andrew received his Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in History from McGill University in 1987 and his teaching degree from McGill University in 1992.


Judith Cohn Stein

Judy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding best practices and strategies in curriculum, development and implementation of assessment and evaluation practices and strategies, faculty professional development and academic requirements for success in post-secondary education.

Faculty and Staff


JPPS-BIALIK is a participating member of the Bronfman Jewish Education Council (BJEC), The Association of Jewish Day Schools(AJDS), Que­bec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS), and PRIZMAH 


Mr. Avi Satov...Co-Head of School: JPPS -Bialik and Principal Bialik High School

Mr. Andrew Trager...Vice Principal

Ms. Judith Cohn Stein...Director of Academics and Pedagogy

Mrs. Anat Toledano...Director of Jewish Studies

Ms. Gayle Shulak...IB Coordinator


Mrs. Audrey Abessera.....Drama, ERC, Judaic Studies,Social Studies

Ms. Rita Azouri...French 

Mrs. Liora Benchetrit...French

Mrs. Susan Blanshay...ERC, Judaic Studies

Ms. Allison Cohen...Drama, English, Social Studies

Stacey Corber...English

Mrs. Hayley Covit...Math

Mme. Viviane Dahan.....French

Ms. Lysie-Anne Desrochers...French

Ms. Samantha Druzin ... Drama, English, Social Studies

Mr. Robert Duthie...ERC, English, Social Studies

Mr. Michael Edery...Math, Judaic Studies

Mrs. Deena Fremeth.....Science and Technology, Finance, Math

Mr. Orel Gozlain...French

Dr. Shimshon Hamerman....Judaic Studies

Ms. Judith Hassan (Maternity leave)...French, Math

Ms. Sarah Hassan...Math

Mrs. Peggy Hoffman.....English

Mrs. Samara Hutkins...Science and Technology

Mrs. Shari Isaif...English,Social Studies

Mr. Jeff Itcush...Judaic Studies Social Studies

Mrs. Esther Kimchi....Judaic Studies

Ms. Chanti LePessec...Art 

Ms. Lisa Marcus...Math, Science

Ms. Maria Mastrogiacomo ...Math

Ms. Julia Mayman...Math

Ms. Andrea Mendell...Physical Education,Science and Technology

Mr. Raffi Narinian...Physical Education

Ms. Samantha Neuman (Maternity leave)...English

Mrs. Inna Orlov ...Judaic Studies

Mr. Gabriel Poulin...Social Studies

Mr. Jean-Claude Rubier...French

Mr. Nadav Sandroussy...Math

Ms. Nancy Sculnik ... ERC, English, Judaic Studies

Ms. Catherine Simard-Joron ...French

Ms. Nellie Suissa...Math,Science and Technology

Mrs. Gabriela Teodorescu...Math,Science and Technology

Mrs. Maria Tomao...Math

Mr. Liam Twomey...Science

Mr. Richard Ullmann...Judaic Studies,Music,Social Studies

Mrs. Esther Vineberg...ERC, Judaic Studies 

Ms. Lena Weinberger ...English, Drama


Mr. Matthew Starr...Senior Athletics Coordinator JPPS-Bialik, K-Sec V

Mr. Liam Twomey...Coordinator of Athletics and Student Life-Bialik


Mrs. Lorna Smith


Mrs. Erin Sendel-Nemes ...Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Susan Marks...Guidance Counsellor


Ms. Tracy Stroll....Director of Student Services

Ms. Sari Olishansky...Student Services Specialist

Ms.Stacey Corber......Special Education Technician

Ms. Michelle Deutsch....Special Education Technician

Mr. Olivier Elia...Student Services

Ms. Kelly Samsonovitch....Special Education Technician


Mr. Stephen Toy...Computer Network Adminstrator

Ms. Keren Ludvig...Educational Technology /21st Century LearningSpecialist


Ms. Stephanie Trapid....Librarian  


Mrs. Irene Pavai...Science Lab Technician 


Ms.Cathy Shatz- Luger, RN


Mrs. Jacqueline Cohen

Mrs. Barbara Engel

Mrs. Chantal Ouaknine

Mrs. Cindy Schneider


Ms. Betina Shadowitz....Director of Finance

Ms. Naomi Blumer...Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications

Ms.Galia Germant....Accounts Payable

Ms. Carole Delouya ....Admissions  Coordinator

Ms. Hirut Kebede....Controller and Payroll Coordinator

Ms. Joan Thomas.... Accounts Receivable


Ms. Amy Finkelstein- Manager of Fundraising


Mr. Rami Amir....Cafeteria Services

Mrs. Rose Sculnik

Mrs. Sonia Yerzy

Mrs. Maureen Singer


Mr. Avi Sela....Head of Maintenance & Security

Mr. Christian Payet....Maintenance & Security 

Mr. Melmar Presno...Maintenance & Security 


Ms. Jessica Aflalo....Fashion Show Coordinator

Ms. Anisa Cameron....Theatre Director