JPPS-Bialik Mission Statement

JPPS-Bialik is a private Kindergarten through Grade11 Jewish school, founded and based on a pluralistic vision of Judaism. JPPS-Bialik is committed to providing academic excellence within a 21st century learning environment. Our students are responsible young individuals who are committed to lifelong learning and to becoming productive citizens within the Quebec, Canadian, and global communities.

Our students develop a strong Jewish identity through Judaic Studies and by experiencing Jewish culture and traditions. They develop a firm commitment to the State of Israel and its people.

JPPS-Bialik graduates are committed Jewish young adults who are well-prepared to meet the challenges and responsibilities of their future endeavours and who have developed an understanding of and respect for others throughout the world. 


The Four Pillars of JPPS-Bialik

The JPPS-Bialik model has four basic “pillars”:

• Academic Excellence

• Jewish Identity and affiliation to Israel

• In Quebec

• In the 21st Century