Science and Technology

Environment, Science and Technology 

Secondary IV is a pivotal year in Quebec, bringing with it the science matriculation. Almost every type of science is built into the course: from chemistry and physics to environmental science and biology. For those who are eligible, and opt to take the added elective in Secondary IV, there is also exposure to genetics, as well as to some Secondary V physics and engineering topics.


In keeping with the vision and mission set out by our Board of Directors, Bialik High School places technology and 21st century learning as one of the primary missions. In order to bring that goal to life, we are excited to share with you how we are implementing that vision:

In September 2013, every Secondary I, II and III student was issued his/her own iPad and case, in order to work seamlessly in a 21st century learning environment; our objective is to have every student at every grade level using technology on an on-going bases while progressing academically.

Every teacher at Bialik is to receive on going professional training on how to optimize the use of iPads in the pedagogical model that expands the horizons of learning to reach beyond the classroom.

Bialik has Apple TV’s and projectors in every classroom. In addition Bialik has upgraded the infrastructure and network to accommodate the needs of our technology-savvy culture.

State-of-the-art iMac’s loaded with the latest software to create professional video editing and media projects have been installed inside our forward thinking library.