Club Descriptions


As part of this committee, students share the task of collecting photos and videos of amazing things that are happening at Bialik. Students help edit and post online to share with the community; after all, this is our home!

Jewish Life

On this committee, students come up with creative and innovative ways to bring Jewish traditions, values, culture and community awareness to the student body.


This committee comes up with creative ways to increase social interaction among the school. Students brainstorm and carry out fun, interactive activities.

Healthy Living

On this committee, students help determine ways Bialik students can improve their health. This can involve both exercise and nutrition.


The Athletics Committee is dedicated to sports and physical activity at Bialik.


We only have one planet, let’s keep it green! If students have an interest in eco-friendly initiatives, the green committee would love to have them on board!


A committee with an important cause: Promoting Education Against Child Exploitation.

Code of Conduct

This committee includes members of all sectors of our school community (students, parents, teachers. office staff and administration). The committee reviews the Student Code of Conduct with the goal of suggesting changes to reflect the changing environment. The committee also receives suggestions for change from any individual directly involved with the school (parents, students or staff).


Love technology? Want to help make Bialik students and staff become even more technologically savvy?


Students who want to improve their reasoning skills to make a solid point in a discussion can join the debating team. Students learn how to create valid arguments that are convincing, improve public speaking skills and interact with students from schools across Montreal.

Bialik Student Mentor Committee

The Bialik Student Mentor Committee, in partnership with the Transitions Teacher, aims to connect responsible Secondary IV and V students with families new to the Bialik High School environment. The Transitions Teacher coordinates the various activities developed to support the positive transition of incoming students to the life of a high school student. Students receive guidance for all of their academic and social needs, from peer tutoring and exam preparations to the Welcome Back BBQ, bowling and other social events. This pairing of younger and older students helps to bridge the gap, and provides our younger students the benefit of the mentors’ knowledge. It is a meaningful experience for all involved.


Students who want to contribute to making your high school memories count can join the Yearbook committee and help make it a year to remember!