Community Involvement

Tikkum Olam

The concept of Tikkun Olam/Repairing Our World is fundamental to our students’ understanding and appreciation of their heritage. We instill a strong awareness of the importance of Israel and our responsibility to its people. Students also develop an awareness of communities closer to home and the need to support them through volunteer work, charity and advocacy. They learn through hands-on activities such as the fundraising for JNF, when they join with several thousand Montrealers in sharing a mutual sense of pride in being Jewish. The Mission to Montreal impresses on students the significance of the services funded by Federation CJA. Among other involvements, students help with fundraising projects for Sun Youth, Dans La Rue, Terry Fox and etc. 

Community Service Program

Community Service is an integral part of the Judaic Studies program. All students are required to complete a minimum number of hours (as indicated below) in the Jewish community, in the community-at-large or in a non-profit organization. Opportunities for community service are posted regularly on FirstClass.



Minimum Number of Hours

Hours to be completed by November 4th

Hours to be completed by March 5th

Hours to be completed by May 1st

Cycle 1, Secondary I & II





Cycle 2, Secondary III





Cycle 2, Secondary IV & V






These hours must be completed during the school year (not during the summer) and may not be completed during the school day. Regular on-going engagement with helping others is an important part of being an active young adult in the Jewish community.

For all grade levels, at least 70% of the required hours must be completed outside of Bialik High School.This program is recorded as a course on students’ report cards. Students receive regular grades, reflecting the percentage of hours completed. Students who do not complete their community service in any given year are required to complete those hours in subsequent years, to be reflected in their grades.


LEDA (Leadership Education Development Action)

The LEDA program, in conjunction with the Cummings Centre, provides Secondary V students with a unique leadership opportunity and a first-hand look at the work being done with the senior citizens in the community. With well-known programs such as Meals on Wheels, and a variety of other popular activities such as arts & crafts and music, students embark on a one-year commitment, often resulting in long-lasting and mutually enriching relationships. 

ORT-Israel Relief Trip:
Each  year a group of twenty  or so  Bialik Secondary 4 students in collaboration with ORT Montreal and World ORT embark on a life changing journey.
During their spring break, Bialik students travel  to Israel for a week-long trip to volunteer in different communities around the country. They work hand in hand with Israeli students in order to further that value of Tikkun Olam – making the world a better place.  Our students form lasting relationships with a partner school and share in meanigful work and fun.