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Mission and Vision

JPPS-Bialik is passionate about striving for personal excellence.

We believe in dynamic education that emphasizes academic success, local and global engagement and Jewish values, all within a nurturing community.

JPPS is lifelong learning

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JPPS is lev, ruach, nefesh (heart, spirit, soul)

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To me, the beauty of our big smart, big heart mentality is that this is a school that values kindness and empathy as much as academics and learning.

It's wonderful to work as a school counsellor in a place that recognizes the importance of teaching inclusion, communication and compassion alongside math, reading and languages. Our students have the opportunity to benefit from social-emotional skill building and character development while they learn to read, write and problem solve. This type of educational environment helps children to better understand themselves, their peers and the world around them.

Tamara Schwager

Family Life Educator

One moment that encapsulates the feeling of home within the JPPS school community is during a home basketball game, where students, teachers and staff come together to support and cheer for each other.

Encouraging each other and having a positive attitude towards sports, schools and life is a valuable part of JPPS. These events foster a sense of belonging and connection that makes our school feel like home.

Raffi Narinian

Teacher and coach

When I began the tours of elementary schools several years ago, I was very impressed by so many institutions.

However, JPPS stood out to me for many reasons but one in particular. The walls of the school were covered with artwork done by students. It was about “Filling The Bucket”- so many beautiful gestures of kindness initiated by the students.

Lesley Sherman


JPPS doesn't merely educate; it empowers.

It doesn't just teach; it inspires. It cultivates not only knowledge but also courage and ambition. I am endlessly grateful for the comprehensive education and unwavering support provided by JPPS, shaping not only my daughter's academic journey but also her character and aspirations. Since joining the JPPS family, I've witnessed my daughter's remarkable transformation: she stands taller, speaks with newfound confidence, and dreams bigger.

Julia Peress


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