Marnie Stein: Principal JPPS elementary and Co-Head of School

Marnie Stein is well-known throughout the Montreal Jewish Education community. She brings to the table an impressive combination of personal attributes and professional expertise that would be the envy of any school. During the process of obtaining her Master of Arts in Educational Leadership at McGill, Marnie was one of 15 individuals across North America selected to take part in a 15-month fellowship at the Day School Leadership Training Institute at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City.

She graduated from that program in July 2012. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and a B.Ed., both from McGill.

Marnie also won the Betty Workman Yaffe Award for Excellence in Yiddish Language when she completed her undergraduate degree!

Fluent in English, French, Yiddish and Hebrew, and fully trained as a Level 1 educator in the International Baccalaureate Program (IB), an internationally-acclaimed curriculum that was introduced at Bialik in September, Marnie brings with her insights that will spark innovative ideas throughout JPPS.

"Finding the right methods needed to blend Jewish education with the demands of a secular world is not easy," says Marnie. "My goal is to find the balance between preparing our children for the world at large, while at the same time, connecting them to their roots and their Jewish community. "

Renana Chemtov: Director of Student Life

As the Director of Student Life, Renana Chemtov is responsible for the social and emotional development and well-being of our students.

Holding an M.A. degree in Educational Studies (Social and Behavioural Foundations of Education), an IB PYP (Cat.1) certificate and with over twenty-five years of experience teaching and administering school programs.

It is Renana’s goal to help students grow into kind, respectful, independent lifelong learners who can comfortably navigate the rigours of the world today as well as those of tomorrow’s world.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fluently trilingual (English, French and Hebrew), Renana is responsible for the day to day safety and security of the students, student comportment, implementing the school’s “Good Choices Policy” as well as classroom management and support to teachers. Her approach is one of creativity and non-punitive solutions to discipline.

“I believe that every student is capable of excellence and that the school must partner with the family to support student success. After all, education is not a journey with an end but rather a journey that takes the individual to many places in a lifetime. Education has the power to change a life, and that all starts at the beginning, in elementary school.”

Amy Taylor: Director of Student Support Services

As the Director of Student Support Services, Amy Taylor is responsible for overseeing all the academics for our student in each grade.

Amy's responsibilities include implementing the "Response to Intervention" program within the school. This includes the universal literacy  screenings  in English, French and Mathematics three times per year. Using the data gathered from these screening Amy ensures that the classroom instruction is meeting the needs of all learners in the classroom.

Other responsibilities include coordination and implementation of targeted interventions for students who are experiencing difficulty and systematically monitoring their progress to ensure that they are building upon their skills.

Amy works with the teachers in the classroom to ensure differentiated learning takes place and opportunities for remediation as well as enrichment are available.

Other responsibilities include working with students, teachers and families alongside our school social worker for social emotional issues,conducting Girls Group with girls in grades 2 through 6 focusing on how to navigate friendships, build empathy and foster kindness and oversee Boys Group with members of our male staff.

Amy coordinates with all of the specialists within the school; Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapists and our French specialist. She works with the Bronfman Jewish Education Centre implementing new programs within the school and coordinating Professional Development for the teachers. She is also the co-coordinator of the English/Math department and researches and applies for grant opportunities open to our school.


Faculty and Staff



Marnie Stein                                  Principal JPPS; Co-Head of School JPPS-BIALIK

Renana Chemtov                          JPPS: Director of Student Life - Safety & Discipline

Amy Taylor                                    JPPS: Director of Student Support Services

Joelle Elhyani                               JPPS: French Studies Coordinator 

Anat Toledano                              JPPS-Bialik: Jewish Studies Coordinator

Carole Delouya                             JPPS-Bialik: Admissions Coordinator 



English: Lindsay Frank, Jennifer Gauthier, Jennifer Nyman, Marlee Rozansky, Barrie Siegel.

Français, Art Dramatique, ECR, Geographie, histoire et éducation a la citoyennetéLouna Abitbol, Ilana Assouline, Anya Forestell, Emilie Kakon, Anat Kemp,Rebecca Starr.

Judaic Studies: Jenna Charna Levett, Sara Rubin, Shoshi Shemesh.

Cultural Heritage: Nancy Sculnik

Coding: Maria Dimitropoulous, Joanne Marinos. 

Mathematics / mathématiques: Anya Forestell, Lindsay Frank, Jennifer Gauthier, Anat Kemp, Joanna Marinos, Jennifer Nyman, Marlee Rozansky, Barrie Siegel, Rebecca Starr.   

Science et technologie: Maria Dimitropoulos, Raffi Narinian, Jennifer Nyman.

Art plastique: Maria Dimitropoulos

Éducation Physique et à la santéRaffi Narinian, Matt Starr.

Assistants/Extended Day: Henriette Fhima, Noa Haran, Anna Loganathan, Virginie Massabuau, Cheryl Monaker, Dina Ohayon, Carrie Pekofsky, Shiffra Rubin, Rachel Stotland, Richie Ullman, Sheila Witt, Lynn Woloz, Camille Woodard.


Support Staff:

Stephen Toy - IT Coordinator

Keren Ludvig - Educational Technology / 21st Century Learning Specialist

Anthony Sciascia - IT Assistant

Stephanie Trapid - Librarian

Lisa Maislin Takefman - Speech and Language Pathologist

Tamara Schwager - Family Life Educator

Rona Rashkovan - Student Support Supervisor

Jory Gruber - Occupational Therapist

Elizabeth Doss - IB Coordinator


Office Staff:

Jennifer Wilson:  Executive Assistant to the Principal

Sary Karanofsky: School absences, school scheduling OR to request an appointment with the Principal.

Cathy Shatz-Luger: School nurse, hot lunch, extra-curricular activities. 


Building Facilities - Maintenance & Security

Avi Sela - Head of Maintenance & Security

Christian Payet - Maintenance & Security 

Melmar Presno - Maintenance & Security

Head Office:

Betina Shadowitz - Director of Finance

Carole Deloya - Director of Admissions

Naomi Blumer - Director of Communications

Galia Germant - Accounts Payable

Hirut Kebede - Controller

Joan Thomas - Accounts Receivable



Amy Finkelstein - Fundraising Manager