1911: National Radical School is established by group of European intellectuals to ensure Jewish survival and continuity in the new homeland, based on a progressive educational sy

1914: Jewish People’s Schools (Yiddishe Folks Shulen) is founded by a splinter group of the National Radical School. While continuing to foster modern pedagogic approaches, Hebrew was put on an equal footing with Yiddish. Classes took place in a house and assemblies were in the living room. The teachers were volunteers who had other jobs, such as selling eggs. The uniform for girls was a tunic with a white blouse; for boys it was pants and a clean shirt. Tuition was 10 cents per child per week. A family with three children benefitted from a discount, paying 25 cents per week.

1920: The first Jewish kindergarten is founded.

1922: First graduating class from what was then known as the afternoon school.

1923: National Radical School becomes known as Jewish Peretz Schools (Yiddishe Peretz Shulen). This group stressed Yiddish over Hebrew, but otherwise shared the same objectives.

1927: Jewish People’s School introduces the first Jewish day school in Montreal.

1942: Jewish Peretz Schools introduces its first day school, located in a newly-completed building on   Duluth Street, almost immediately filled to capacity.

1954: Jewish People’s Schools moves to Van Horne campus.

1971: The schools merge to form JPPS - Jewish Peoples and Peretz Schools.

1972: Bialik High School is founded

2016: JPPS Elementary School moves from the Van Horne Campus to newly renovated, modern premises in the JPPS-Bialik Campus at 6500 Kildare.

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