Message From The Principal of JPPS

It is an absolute privilege to serve as Principal of JPPS, and to witness first-hand what sets this very special school apart…

  • The warmth and the feeling of community created by a faculty and student body who share a mutual respect and love of learning.
  • The energy and excitement you sense in every classroom.
  • The tireless devotion of our many parent volunteers, who are always eager to try something new and lend a helpful hand.
  • The partnership between home and school, so vital to our students’ success.
  • Our early childhood education program that is crafted to teach our Kindergarten students the skills they will need throughout their education journey.

At JPPS, we are preparing a new generation of innovative Jewish thinkers who will have the creativity, insight, knowledge and empathy to make a positive difference in the world. Every day our students discover, uncover and explore the world around them with the guidance of our dedicated and talented faculty. While we pride ourselves on academic excellence, we are equally invested in our students’ developing a strong moral character and a dedication to derech eretz (ethical living). We believe that school can be much more than simply a place of academic enrichment. It can be the place where learning memories are made, friendships are cultivated, self-esteem can blossom and where future leaders are encouraged to question and think divergently.

 At JPPS, we look to the future with excitement while we continue to cherish and celebrate the traditions of the past. The future of JPPS shines bright and I look forward to welcoming your family into our JPPS family.

Marnie Stein, M.A

Co-Head of School

Principal JPPS Elementary