JPPS Math Program

JPPS has placed in the top three schools overall for the past ten years of the National Math Championships. Last year, we placed first in Quebec and third in Canada. The two previous years, we placed first at both the provincial and national levels.  The key is our smaller classes, which allow children to learn at their own pace and to reach their full potential. Working within the prescribed MEES framework, the curriculum is constantly being enriched and accelerated. Data management, geometry and technology are each integral parts of the program.

The JPPS Grade 6 competitors were very successful during the Canadian National Math League Competition.  As a school, they ranked second in Quebec. 

Three students placed in the top 10 (they are located in the bottom row of the photo wearing white shirts): Jonathan Gotteiner, place first overall in Quebec (center of the photo); Harley Eiley, placed fifth overall in Quebec (left); and District 2 resident Nathalie Nashen, placed eighth overall in Quebec (right). Maria Dimitropoulos is their teacher (right).

JPPS has always done very well in the competition, placing in the top three for almost 20 years. The Grade 6 math classes focused on advanced materials to prepare for the competition, including many modules from the Secondary I text book.