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The official stepping-stone to formal education, Kindergarten is a magical place at JPPS. Whether in Section française Kindergarten or the English sector Kindergarten, our devoted teachers take great pride in accommodating each child to succeed at his/her pace and to achieve or surpass the goals for this grade level. Whether learning French, singing in Hebrew or decorating the classroom for an important Jewish holiday, the days are varied and our values are always at the core of everything we do.

At JPPS, you can be sure that every teacher knows and cares about your child. With a healthy balance of structure and free play, we teach children to be collaborative and caring towards each other. While it must always be fun, we introduce innovative pedagogical programs such as Lire à deux, in-school play-dates (jeux à deux) and real-world examples to teach math. Moreover, our enviable teacher-student ratio allows for optimal attention to the individual child.

What more could you want for your Kindergartner?

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