Library Corner

Welcome to the JPPS Library! At JPPS, we are very proud to have a fully accessible library that is open from 8 AM – 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Not only can you access the library facilities five days a week, there is always a librarian behind the desk to help you with whatever questions you have.
Here are some fun facts to know about the JPPS Library:
Our brand-new Cozy Corner offers plenty of reasons to love the library: books, a comfy atmosphere, bean-bag chairs, and of course, story-time! And speaking of story-time…
Story-time is for ALL grade levels at JPPS. Once a week, each class comes in for thirty minutes with their French teacher. The librarian reads the children a story for the first half of the visit, and then they get to pick new books to bring home for the next two weeks.
Grades K-2 are allowed to bring home 1 French book and 1 English book a week, as long as they bring their other books back on time.
Grades 3-6 are allowed 2 French books and 2 English books each week. Teachers can also take out extra books for class time and to do projects.
Besides story-time, the Cozy Corner was designed so that the staff and students of JPPS can use it for a number of events and activities, such as yoga, drama, and book clubs.
Our JPPS collection includes both French and English novels and non-fiction. New books are purchased each year to make sure the collection stays current and necessary.
Birthday books are available to purchase through the JPPS library! Please see below for more information.
The library is an inviting, welcoming space where the students can come, relax and enjoy great books in a beautiful environment. We hope to see you here soon!
Story Time
Library visits are a big part of the JPPS experience. For the younger students, we focus on picture books and short chapter books. For the older students, we enjoy getting deeper into the story and discussing the different aspects of it together as a group. If you would like to know more about the books being used during story-time, feel free to contact the librarian!
All donations are welcome! A donation can be made for any amount and we will put a donation plate in the book. You will get a tax receipt for donations made over $18. We also accept used books and movies.
Birthday Books
Birthday books are a wonderful way to celebrate your child’s birthday (or any event of your choice!). A birthday book will have a plate with his/her name and they will not only be the first to take the book from the library but will also get to choose which book they want.
The birthday book donation is $25.00 for the first child, $20.00 for the second child and $18.00 for each other child in your family. There is a form in the handbook and the backpack sites on First Class. Please make all cheques out to La Fondation des Ecoles JPPS-Bialik.
That’s all for now, thanks for visiting!
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- For more information about the library and its services, please contact Stephanie Trapid at 514-731-6456 or e-mail