Student Services

Student Support Services

The Student Services Coordinator supervises the Supportive Education Environmental Program that allows Grades 3-6 students to remain in mainstream classes with their peers while benefitting from additional support in English, French and basic Hebrew. She is also responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of new projects, working closely with the Bronfman Jewish Education Center (BJEC).

The Student Support Facilitator supervises the lunch and recess program, and focuses on conflict resolution and interpersonal relationships. She works with staff to apply our Good Choices Policy as well as to reinforce our Culture of Caring as the foundation of our Anti-Bullying Policy. There is close collaboration with the administrators and staff to effectively promote the social and emotional learning of our student body.

RTI (Response to Intervention)

RTI is a program that identifies students at risk for learning difficulties, supports the implementation of an evidence-based best practices teaching approach and monitors students’ responses to interventions. Based on the latter, the intensity and nature of these interventions can be adjusted to provide a supportive environment dedicated to the success of every student. Additionally, in Kindergarten through Grade 4, JPPS administers standardized tests to measure and monitor the development of the essential early literacy skills a student requires in order to be an effective reader.