Mindfulness at JPPS

We are proud to be the first Montreal Jewish day school to offer a daily Mindfulness practice to students from K-6.

(Check out the Global TV news item on our Mindfulness program by clicking here)

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the idea of consciously bringing awareness to your here and now experience with openness, interest and receptiveness. When practiced daily, mindfulness can significantly curb anxiety levels, contribute toward higher concentration levels and cultivate patience and tolerance towards one’s self and one’s peers. 

How do students practice mindfulness at JPPS?

Since its inception at JPPS, in September 2016, each school day begins with a 5 minute guided exercise. Our Mindfulness Ambassador, Netta Rotstein, rings a “boker tone,” a gentle bell that cues students and teachers that it is time to find their mindfulness positions. Students are then asked to either follow their breath or return to their “happy place” where they tune into the various smells and sounds around them, bringing all their attention to the present moment. Our students lead the mindfulness sessions in the afternoons.

What are the results of mindfulness practice?

Our very positive experience with mindfulness practice has shown us that there is a significant change in the time it takes for students to switch their minds from home life to school life. After their mindfulness exercise, students tell us that they are able to start their day with a calmer disposition, and are better able to focus. From an administrative point of view, we are seeing a great reduction in students coming to school late, as they don’t want to miss their meditation session that begins first thing in the morning.